5 Reasons it Will Be a National Tragedy if the 2018 Ford Fiesta Isn't Sold in America

The subcompact Ford Fiesta was first sold in the U.S. in the 1970s, when the nameplate first came into existence. The small, efficient model made sense in the wake of the OPEC oil embargo, but once it was over, Americans were back to driving gas-guzzlers.

After being sold for only three years in the U.S., the Fiesta left our shores, though it continued to be sold elsewhere in the world—particularly Europe, where it has been the best-selling "supermini" for the last four years.

It finally returned to Rochester in 2008, when the model's sixth generation debuted. It has helped many a local driver get through spiking fuel prices while sticking to a budget, and getting a superb driving experience and advanced technology.

The Fiesta ST is the cream of the crop, boasting 197 horsepower, Recaro seats, and a lowered sport suspension.

The seventh-generation 2018 Fiesta is currently in development and preparing to launch in Europe, with upgrades including new engines, an 8-inch touchscreen display, more leg room, and the latest intelligent safety technology—Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection.

We don't want to miss it.

Unfortunately, Ford has yet to confirm whether the next-gen Fiesta will be marketed in America, or if we're doomed to skip another five generations and three decades before seeing it again.

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