2018 Limited-Edition Focus RS Wows Enthusiasts by Taking Ideas Off Their Forums

With its contrasting black roof and spoiler, cockpit skinned with carbon fiber, standard mechanical limited-slip differential, and long-awaited red paint option, the 2018 Focus RS limited edition almost seems like it was designed by its fans.

Because it was.

In 2019, a new generation Ford Focus will take over, and the current-generation Focus RS will be no more. To celebrate the performance hatchback's popularity, Ford decided to produce one last limited-edition run, and make it exactly what enthusiasts have been asking for. To do that, Ford went to the ultimate "focus group"—fan forums.

Ford scoured through pages and pages of blogs, comments, Facebook groups, and forum communities to see what drivers who love the Focus RS were asking for: What was on their wish-lists, what suggestions got positive responses, what were common complaints?

Only 1,500 limited-edition 2018 Focus RS vehicles will be produced, so hop on over to Cortese Ford to be one of the first to place an order when they open to the public this summer.

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