A Suspension Upgrade May Give You a Better Ride

Have you ever been riding in an older car and hit a pothole? You probably noticed that it seemed like you completely bottomed out and the hit was far more pronounced than in a newer vehicle. That is more than likely because the suspension is going bad, and we here at Cortese Ford Lincoln Inc. in Rochester want to ensure that you know the basics about it.

A suspension can be thought of as the mechanism that absorbs the shock of your car hitting uneven terrain. Whether you're off-road or simply hit a pothole, your suspension softens the blow so your ride remains smooth. Some say that your suspension is good through 50,000 miles but this number can vary greatly depending on whether or not you drive on poor roads frequently.

If you feel you need to have your suspension serviced or would like to explore a suspension upgrade, free to give us a call at our Ford service station to schedule an appointment today!

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