Why Care About Tire Pressure and Tread?

Winter is in full swing in Rochester, New York, and one of the things those dropping temperatures affects is your vehicle’s tires. The PSI (pounds per square inch) in your tires drops right along with the temperature. It’s recommended to check pressure and tread at least monthly.

Driving your car on under-inflated tires has some significant side effects. The first is stopping distance. It’s harder for your vehicle to stop, especially on wet pavement, when the tires don’t have enough pressure. Another outcome is poor gas mileage. Your car has to work harder when tires are under the required pressure load. As a result, it sends out more emissions into the environment.

If you’re uncertain how to use a tire pressure gauge, come to Cortese Ford Lincoln Inc. when you’re in Rochester. We’ll be happy to do a thorough check of your car’s tires at our local Ford service center. We’re also here to help walk you through important aspects of maintenance.

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