The Auto Start-Stop Technology in 2018 Ford Fusion Sedan

Rarely will you find a car that auto starts and stops without using the start/stop engine button or the start key. The 2018 Ford Fusion Sedan has been integrated with technology that will allow you to start your car without necessarily using the above-mentioned features.

In this era of clean energy, it is only logical for Ford to consider developing technologies that reduce vehicle emissions. As such, the 2018 Ford Fusion Sedan comes with an auto start-stop technology that allows your car engine to automatically shut off once your car is in parking mode. However, this technology also allows other functions such as the radio and air conditioning to keep running just in case you still need them running.

When you are ready to hit the road again, you simply place your foot on the brake pedal and release it, a process that seamlessly restarts your Fusion sedan V6 sport engine.

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