Ford Fusion: Nothing But A Smooth Ride

Style, power, and a smooth ride are what the Ford Fusion has to offer. This midsize sedan has features that combine to create a driving experience that is perfect for the daily commute or longer road trip. Check out some of the features that the Fusion has to offer.

First, let’s start with the suspension system. The Fusion features an independent McPherson suspension system with an extra stabilizer bar to help reduce road noise and vibration. This ensures a more comfortable ride and better control on rough roads. They improved this control by adding an electric power-assisted steering system that will correct for road irregularities and crosswinds. These systems combine to create the smoothest and most controlled ride in a midsize sedan.

You will not feel the minor bumps in life when you drive a Ford Fusion, so stop by Cortese Ford Lincoln Inc. and test drive one today.

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