Backseat Entertainment in the 2018 Ford Expedition

In the 2018 Ford Expedition, your backseat passengers can stay entertained throughout your entire trip. The popular full-sized SUV is available with a robust entertainment center that can make the hours fly by.

You can invest in the optional dual-headrest rear-seat entertainment center. It features two screens that are built into the headrest of the front seats. The screens can be adjusted to the right angle and feature a number of ports for increased versatility. You can connect a game system, streaming device, headphones, and much more. With the optional 4G LTE Wi-Fi capabilities of the Expedition, you can stream media, music, and even live television with ease.

See how the 2018 Ford Expedition is changing the road trip game. We invite you to stop by Cortese Ford Lincoln Inc. today for a grand tour of the lineup. We'll go over your technology options and set you up behind the wheel for a test drive.



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