Your Answers About the 2019 Ford Fusion

There are many factors that make one vehicle a better option than another for all of your transportation needs. Often, the choice comes down to the vehicle you feel most comfortable with, which has a lot to do with design. The 2019 Ford Fusion incorporates bold design choices, making it a sedan that deserves a closer look.

The exterior of the Ford Fusion is an expression of sophistication. The 2019 version of this elegant sedan introduces two new grille designs. The chrome mesh on Titanium and five bar chrome strike a distinctive appearance for all who witness the Fusion's approach.

Once you enter the interior of the 2019 Fusion, you have the option to include front seats that are both cooled and heated. For drivers, there is also the availability of having a leather-wrapped, heated steering wheel to ensure that it is always comfortable to grasp and steer.



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