Design and Value Combine in the Ford Fiesta

If you're on the go, the Ford Fiesta is a great subcompact option. So many people love the Fiesta because of the way that it brings together great handling, fun style and exceptional value. With a number of trim lines available here at Cortese Ford, you can find just the right Fiesta.

When it comes to Ford Fiesta design, you have a wide range of choices for a truly personal outcome. There are 10 different exterior paint colors available for the Fiesta so that you can show off your eye-catching style on the road.

You have no shortage of wheel options with the Ford Fiesta as well. From steel silver-painted colors to sparkle silver-painted aluminium options, the standard wheels on a Fiesta are already striking. You can also opt for specialized wheels in Ebony Black and Rado Gray for even more brilliance.



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