When shopping for the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon, buyers will have to thoughtfully customize several important specifications that determine performance and utility. Cortese Ford encourages customers to choose a wheelbase that's most appropriate for their commercial operations. For example, the Long EL chassis is available with seating for two, eight, 14 or 15 adults. This elongated body also has a high roof to accommodate tall passengers. The towing capacity of the regular wheelbase is 5,100 pounds. If you choose the longest wheelbase, you'll have to sacrifice the towing ratings. However, the longest wheelbase supports the heaviest payload on the lineup.

The Transit Passenger Wagon also has innovative digital technology that increases the driver's productivity in cities. The SYNC 3 has a smart interface with GPS navigation software and other travel-optimized applications. You can also log into the Ford+Alexa portal that gives you remote control of compatible smart systems.



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