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Get a Good Look at the Glorious 2016 Ford Mustang

Would you like to move like the wind and look darn good doing it? Well, if so, we at Cortese Ford feel the 2016 Ford Mustang just may be your ticket to ride.

And if you're at all wondering why we're so eager to recommend this rear-drive radical, we suggest you scope the clip below. Tag along with Autotrader reviewer Jabari Jones, as he takes the Mustang out for a spin:

No doubt the bad boy of the Mustang engine lineup, the 5.0-liter V8 of the top-tier GT trim is a driving enthusiast's dream come true…

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A Quick Lesson on Ford's EcoBoost Technology

Engineer Paul Seredinski is an expert on Ford's EcoBoost technology. And unless you're an engineer as well, you may not know a whole lot about that topic. That's why Ford recently put out some YouTube videos in which Paul simply and clearly explains the technology.

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Is Your Engine Missing a Cylinder?

One surefire way to make an engine more powerful is to add extra cylinders to it. A 4-Cylinder engine is efficient, but puny. A V6 is pretty good. A V8 is impossibly powerful, but gets very poor gas mileage. That's traditional wisdom on the subject, anyway. But what if we told you Ford was shaving a cylinder off their smallest engine, and making it more powerful at the same time? Thanks to advances in Turbocharging-- a process by which extra air is forced through the engine-- power outpu
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