The Ford Edge is an eye-catching, compact SUV that's perfect for Rochester drivers with lots of places to go and lots of people and cargo to carry. With it's sleek roof and smooth lines, this vehicle is just as good to look at as it is fun to drive. When you take the 2022 Ford Edge out for a test drive at Cortese Ford, you can explore the following interior features in-person.

A Standard Rotary Shift Gear Dial

The 2022 Ford Edge comes with an innovative gear shifter that modernizes the interior of this vehicle. This standard rotary shift gear dial takes up less space than conventional shifter designs. It leaves more space for larger bins and cup holders, and for other options in smart storage.

A 12-Inch Touchscreen

Rich with cutting-edge technologies, the 2022 Ford Edge makes smartphone integration a cinch. Best of all, when using all of your favorite mobile apps in this vehicle, you'll have the benefit of a 12-inch touchscreen. With this, you can easily search for directions, queue up entertainment, or engage in a variety of hands-free activities.

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