Leasing Doesn't Get the Credit it Deserves!

Don't listen to all the things you hear about leasing an automobile. What may have been true thirty plus years ago doesn't hold true today. If you plan on keeping your car for a long or short time, leasing still is a viable and affordable way to get a new vehicle every few years and only pay for the depreciation and tax on what you used, not the entire vehicle!

"I drive too many miles to lease a vehicle" is a myth about leasing that's not true! If you drive a lot of miles you're better off making a little higher payment per month and turning the vehicle back in and walk away without any extra debt or worrying about the trade value falling through the floor because you may have three or four times the normal mileage and depreciation as most people have, and you won't have to keep coming up with large down payments every time you get a new vehicle just to keep your monthly payout in check with your budget! (leasing available up to 50,000 miles/year) 

Whether you trade a car every three or four years or keep them till antique status, leasing is way that gives you a lot more options than a straight out purchase, your future value with the miles you've chosen to drive is guaranteed in writing from the leasing company, if at lease end you sit down with your consultant and see the value and lease buy are equal or fairly close, buy the vehicle if you want to keep it and drive it another two, three, or four years. What's great about a lease is at this point you can leave the vehicle if the value is less than the payoff! When you finance the vehicle and want to trade it after three or four years and find out you owe 4-5-6 thousand or more than it's worth, you become angry at the dealer who has no control over the depreciation of your vehicle, 1st, then find out you'll need to come up with substantial money down to keep your payment close to your old loan.  With a lease you walk away and start fresh with a brand new, fully warrantied vehicle with the most up to date technology and powertrains. 

"What's in it for me?" Less stress about trade values, happier customers because their vehicle is always under warranty with roadside assistance whenever needed. 

"I don't own it!" is another myth. You're right you don't until lease end and you want to keep it and buy out the remaining vehicle's value. What do you own if you finance for five or six or even seven years? A piece of paper (title) that has your name as the owner with a little notation at the bottom that says, LIENHOLDER: That Bank down the Street, that says before you can do anything with said vehicle they need to be satisfied (paid in full). So, who really owns the vehicle you're driving? 

Makes sense doesn't it? Just choose the right plan for your driving needs.
For example: $50,000 vehicle     
Purchase with tax and fees for 60 months around $810/mo.                            
Lease with tax and fees for 36 months around $375/mo.