MAR 30, 2020 | DEARBORN, MICH.

    Ford Motor Company, in collaboration with GE Healthcare, announced yesterday it will begin producing in Michigan a third-party ventilator with the goal to produce 50,000 of the vitally needed units within 100 days and up to 30,000 a month thereafter as needed. Ford will provide its manufacturing capabilities to quickly scale production, and GE Healthcare will provide its clinical expertise and will license the current ventilator design from Airon Corp. - a small, privately held company specializing in high-tech pneumatic life support products. GE Healthcare brought the Airon Corp. design to Ford's attention as part of the companies' efforts to scale production of ventilators quickly to help clinicians treat COVID-19 patients.
 The GE/Airon Model A-E ventilator uses a design that operates on air pressure without the need for electricity, addressing the needs of most COVID-19 patients. Its production can be quickly scaled to help meet growing demand in the U.S. 
    "The Ford and GE Healthcare teams, working creatively and tirelessly, have found a way to produce this vitally needed ventilator quickly and in meaningful numbers," said Jim Hackett, Ford's president and CEO. "By producing this ventilator in Michigan, in strong partnership with the UAW, we can help health care workers save lives, and that's our No. 1 priority."  According to White House Defense Production Act Coordinator Peter Navarro, "the Ford/GE Healthcare team is moving in 'Trump time' to speed urgently needed ventilators to the front lines of the Trump Administration's full-scale war against the coronavirus. Just as Ford in the last century moved its manufacturing might seamlessly from auto to tank production during World War II, the Ford team is working with GE Healthcare to use its awesome engineering and manufacturing capabilities to voluntarily help this nation solve one of its most pressing problems. We salute that effort and look forward to the first ventilators rolling off the Michigan assembly line in record time - and we'll be there to salute that milestone."
    Ford will initially send a team to work with Airon to boost production in Florida, and by the week of April 20, will start production at Ford's Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti, Mich., quickly ramping up to reach full production to help meet surging demand.  Ford expects to produce 1,500 by the end of April, 12,000 by the end of May and 50,000 by July 4 - helping the U.S. government meet its goal of producing 100,000 ventilators in 100 days.
    Ford's Rawsonville plant will produce the ventilators nearly around the clock, with 500 paid volunteer UAW-represented employees working on three shifts. Airon currently produces three Airon pNeuton Model A ventilators per day in Melbourne, Fla. At full production, Ford plans to make 7,200 Airon-licensed Model A-E ventilators per week. "From the days of Rosie the Riveter, UAW members have stepped up during difficult times in this nation's history for the good of us all," said UAW International President Rory Gamble. "Today's announcement by Ford that UAW employees will make ventilators at Rawsonville is in that tradition. We are working very closely with Ford to make sure that all CDC guidelines are followed and that we are exercising an abundance of caution inside the plant. Ford and our UAW Ford members should be commended for stepping up in these very uncertain times."
    The Airon-licensed Model A-E ventilator is the second Ford-GE Healthcare ventilator collaboration. Last week, Ford and GE Healthcare announced a separate effort to produce a simplified ventilator design from GE Healthcare. The combined ventilator supply will help address the increasing surge demand for ventilators around the U.S in the fight against COVID-19, each well suited to meet time, production volume and patient care requirements.  "We applaud Ford for its efforts to lend its manufacturing capabilities to help quickly scale the Airon-licensed Model A-E ventilator and arm clinicians in the fight against COVID-19," said GE Healthcare President and CEO Kieran Murphy. "Our deep understanding of the health care industry with Ford's supply chain and production expertise will help meet the unprecedented demand for medical equipment. We continue to be encouraged by how quickly companies are coming together in innovative ways to address this collective challenge."
    GE Healthcare and Ford consulted with medical experts in determining the Airon-licensed Model A-E ventilator is well suited for COVID-19 patient care. The design is expected to meet the needs of most COVID-19 patients with respiratory failure or difficulty breathing. The ventilator is designed for quick setup, making it easy for healthcare workers to use - and can be deployed in an emergency room setting, during special procedures or in an intensive care unit, wherever the patient may be located.  Ford, along with the companies it is supporting, will provide additional updates as these special projects progress.

Click to listen to our radio ad and learn how you can make a difference in our community by simply taking a test drive in an all-new Ford!
Take the Wheel and Help
Support a Great Cause!

We are pleased to invite you to join Literacy Volunteers of Rochester and Cortese Ford as we host our 2018 Drive 4 UR Community event! Our 2016 Event was a success and Cortese Ford is excited to be able to bring this event back to Rochester this year.

For every person who takes a test-drive in a Ford vehicle during our event, Ford Motor Company will donate $20 to Literacy Volunteers of Rochester. In total, as much as $6,000 could be raised. 
Please mark your calendars and invite family, friends and neighbors to join in supporting Literacy Volunteers of Rochester.

Saturday, September 15th 
9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

Literacy Volunteers of Rochester
1600 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620 
We look forward to seeing you! 
For additional information please contact Susan Brayer or (585) 473-3030. 

*Donations are limited to one per household. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver's license to test drive.

From our 2016 Literacy Volunteers Event!

Cycling around Rochester, you come across some inspiring sights. Just last Saturday, a cold and rainy day, I discovered Literacy Volunteers of Rochester and Cortese Ford teaming up to raise money for the cause of literacy. LVR is located in Wolk Hall on 1600 South Avenue near the intersection of Elmwood Avenue.


Susan Brayer, Development Director. 10/08/16


Cortese Sales Manager Darren Sneddon 10/08/16

Couldn't resist the opportunity to stop and learn more. With photo-ops.

Cortese Ford was offering LVR supporters the chance to take a test drive in a 2017 model car. In turn, Cortese was donating $20.00 per ride to LVR. Dozens of people took part in the event.

While Cortese certainly hoped to make sales from the rest drives, manager Darren Sneddon said the primary purpose was to raise money and awareness for LVR: "We are thrilled to support this important organization. Their work is essential to making our community a better place."

Darren added that Cortese always tries to make a difference even in small ways. On days when employees are offered free Saturday lunches, leftovers are taken to the local food bank.


(l-r) Aley Cespedes, Laura Rivers, Taylor Roth, Jeannette Garbanzo 10/08/16

Drive 4 UR Community is a program of the dealership and Ford Motor Company that backs the work of nonprofit organizations. This time around, they chose the accomplished literacy organization to support. LVR has programs that include English language, math, family and digital literacy. About 74% of its English and math students make positive gains every year. Over 95% of its digital customers learn new computer skills, complete urgent computer-related task or become more marketable for employment. LVR accomplishes all of this with a small staff and a core of more than 300 volunteers.


Inside Wolk Hall [Photo: Susan Brayer] 10/08/16

"I love the work I do with Literacy Volunteers," agreed Ginny Rizzo, who volunteers to assist with small group math classes that Literacy Volunteers provides.

I'm often out cycling through the community, and it's such a rich experience. You frequently see things you might not otherwise see driving in a car. More information on how to volunteer or support this great organization can found at

And today I went back to see how the afternoon went. LVR Executive Director Robert Mahar said about 1,000 dollars was raised. That's about 50 test drives. Not bad for a cold and drizzly day.


10/08/16 Outside Wolk Hall







SEP 7, 2016 | NEW YORK 


  • Built Ford Tough Ford trucks now Official Truck of the National Football League, celebrating America's toughest trucks and football's toughest players
  • First-ever Built Ford Tough Offensive Line of the Week award will be given each Tuesday to league's offensive line that best exhibits toughness, smarts and capability in prior week's game
  • Ford trucks to bring the passion of the NFL fan experience to consumers via a fleet of official Built Ford Tough Tailgate Trucks On Demand throughout the season, delivering one-of-a-kind fan experiences and the ultimate game day tailgate experience
  • Today in NYC fans can order first-ever Built Ford Tough Tailgate Trucks on Demand through the Uber app, delivering tough tailgate food and merchandise by the all-new Ford F-Series Super Duty
  • Select fans in other NFL cities later in the season have access to game-day Built Ford Tough Tailgate Trucks On Demand, plus tickets for two; fans also can enter Toughest Ticket sweepstakes at for a chance to win a pair of tickets to Super Bowl LI, along with an NFL-themed all-new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty


New York, Sept. 7, 2016 - America's toughest trucks are celebrating football's toughest players. Ford and the National Football League are teaming up on a three-year partnership establishing Ford trucks as Official Truck of the NFL. 

"America's truck leader is teaming up with organizers of the nation's favorite sport to put the spotlight on fans and players who show toughness, smarts and determination on and off the field, and who deserve to be recognized for that," says Mark LaNeve, Ford Motor Company vice president, U.S. marketing, sales and service. "Both brands - each a leader in its category and known for toughness, capability, excellence and innovation - are coming together to give fans exclusive access to events and games, and to highlight players in a new way." 

"Just like our fans and players, Ford trucks and the NFL are always working to reach the next level through hard work, grit and commitment, which makes this partnership a natural fit," says Renie Anderson, NFL senior vice president, sponsorship and partnership management. "We're proud to be partnering with such a legendary American brand and look forward to helping Ford trucks become synonymous with the country's most popular sports league." 

Exclusive tailgate experiences for football fans 

Ford kicks off its partnership as Official Truck of the NFL today in New York providing fans the opportunity to order Built Ford Tough Tailgate Trucks On Demand through Uber, delivering tough tailgate food, game tickets and merchandise by the all-new Ford F-Series Super Duty. 

Additionally, Ford is bringing a Built Ford Tough Tailgate Tour for fans to NFL games around the country. These experiences will give consumers access to their own Built Ford Tough Tailgates On Demand on game day, as well as hard-to-get game tickets. 

NFL fans also can enter the Built Ford Tough Toughest Ticket sweepstakes for a chance to win a pair of tickets to Super Bowl LI, plus an all-new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty customized to showcase their favorite NFL team. 

Built Ford Tough Offensive Line of the Week 

Just like Built Ford Tough F-Series trucks, NFL offensive linemen are some of the toughest, smartest, most capable players in the league. 

Former NFL offensive lineman, NFL Network and analyst Shaun O'Hara will leverage statistical analysis, positional expertise and knowledge of assignments to determine the Offensive Line of the Week based on their performance in the previous week's games. 

Both Ford and the NFL are excited to see the contributions of these unsung heroes acknowledged. At the conclusion of the season, one line will be recognized as Built Ford Tough Offensive Line of the Year at the annual NFL honors awards presentation. 

Offensive Line of the Week will be announced every Tuesday afternoon on

Wed, Jul 6, 2016 

Mr. Christiano, 

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how appreciative I am of your staff and Cortese Ford. 

I purchased my 2007 Ford Edge from Vision Ford but a couple years ago began to bring it to your service department. I have always felt treated fairly and kindly by Patrick in service. He tends to end up being the one who helped me each time. I apologize I don't have his last name.  He was especially helpful to me over the past year when I needed to bring in my car during a critical time in my life.  My son, my only child, had been in the hospital for what ended up being a total of 364 days- he passed away this March. I remember coming in panicking because I needed to get my car repaired, needed to get back to the hospital as my son was very ill this one particular day and I needed to have transportation at all times. Patrick ensured I had no worries about any of this. How I was treated had a big impact on my returning to make a new purchase directly from Cortese. I am forever grateful for the compassion shown to me at that time. 

Last week I purchased a 2016 Ford Escape with the help of Mike Howell who was my salesman.  After working with him I knew I made the right decision in returning to make a purchase from Cortese. He was very knowledgeable, personable and to me went the extra mile working with me on my lunch breaks and getting me back to work before and after the sale. 

Steve Moser was also great in handling my financing; very personable as well and easy to work with. 

I have had nothing but positive experiences each time I have came to Cortese.  It is still a difficult time for me, but handling business with friendly, courteous people who seem to go the extra mile have definitely made things a little easier.